12 steps to start programming on your smartphone

Genome annotation on iPhone? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I stay in touch with my lab routine even if I go out. #Labtips

How to start programming/ do bioinformatics on your device read there:

1. Choose one of ssh clients for iOS/Android. I use this one: Termius

It’s free available on AppStore. Termius works well, looks nice and has user friendly

2. Then go to “Hosts”. Choose “+” and add new host3. You can leave “Alias” blank.

4. Use your username. For example vitalinabiology
5. Enter host name. For example biology.example.net

6. Port.

7. Password. Termius saves your password and automatically uses it every time you login.

8. It’s not necessary to complete other fields.

9. You can choose your fav interface theme. That’s a nice touch.

10. Save. Now you can start.

11. If you need to shut down terminal window use the left button. If you want to close all terminals and stop all connections you just need to close Termius app.

12. That’s the “Starter pack” for programming/using ssh on smartphone. There’s another infinity number of options for different ssh clients.

Well done!

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