New h-index celebration!

Yesterday I accidentally found that my h-index rise.

What is the h-index?

h-index is the metric which built to show the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist.

I think you remember that every single scientific work should be based on previous scientific experience. And nowadays articles especially in the field of natural science include a large number of references. Sometimes in one paper scientists cite approximately 150 peer-reviewed works. 

How is the h-index calculated?
h-index is the number of the scientist’s articles h which have been cited at least h times each. And other papers have less than h citations each.

What is the i-10 index?

This metrics was created by Google Scholar. It is the number of the author’s publications with at least 10 citations.

Where can I find my citation index?

Several web sources provide access to calculate the h-index. For example Scopus and Web of Science are available only by subscription, Google Scholar is free.

So as you can see my h-index=2. It means that I have at least 2 peer-reviewed articles which have been cited at least 2 times. In fact here’s two papers, one of those was cited 16 times and second 2 times. 

My i-10 index can be simply calculated. It is 1 🙂

Well, that’s not much but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The perfect time to celebrate it with homemade biscuits! Do you recognize my source of inspiration? 

Have a nice day!

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