I think that healthy lifestyle very important for everybody. And we could fight against aging. That’s why I become the scientific expert at the Eterly – Life Extension App. Nevada, USA.

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Also I support the OpenLongevity initiative. It will include participants themselves in a global movement to search for and test potential aging therapies. Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 17.16.24

I’m coauthor of the book Longevity COOK BOOK.


So obviously sport is an essential part of my life.

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Healthy mind lives in a healthy body!

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Apr 2015

Finalist of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Moscow Cup (IFBB) and the Moscow Region Cup (2015).

Moscow cup 2015, at the right side – world champion Diana Volkova.



2012 – 2014

Member of  the main Lomonosov Moscow State University team on fitness and sport aerobics.



Annual Lomonosov Moscow State University sport camp on the Black Sea



Performance, 2014 (Ph Kirill Sergeev)

Performance, 2013 (Ph Dmitry Alekseev)

Performance at the MSU event, 2013 (Ph Anastasia Labudina)

Workshop on Russian folk dance, MSU event 2014 (Ph Bogdan Kirilenko)

With my partner Alexey Tyurin we gave several workshops on West Cost Swing. Neskuchny Garden 2013 (Ph Anastasia Moskovicheva)